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Learn more about how your computers can get a second life in schools, universities, hospitals and social projects in developing countries.

The need for sustainable IT & ethical responsibility

Green IT, or sustainable IT as we call it, is often seen as the driver and support for many sustainable business programs. Just already from that point of view Realdolmen is proud to be a reference company in the field of IT, helping companies becoming more sustainable by delivering tools and solutions which allow them to improve their ecological footprint.

Just think about datacenters needing less power by using virtualization, or logistics companies reducing the amount of kilometers travelled by optimizing delivery schemes, or even manufacturing companies needing less raw materials by creating more efficient production processes through state-of-the-art Business Analytics.

Not only do software solutions deliver opportunities for increasing sustainability, but the infrastructure itself also plays an important part. All of us generally have computer screens that use less power than the older CRT monitors, our datacenters use blade servers instead of traditional server racks, and offices are equipped with multi-function devices which are a lot more power efficient than having several separate devices to achieve the same functionality.

The Situation

High quality reused equipment makes access to information available at unprecedented levels, creating dreams and opportunities, empower poor and disadvantaged communities living in less developed countries. Close the Gap is an international nonprofit organisation that bridges the digital divide by taking back ICT equipment from companies and delivering it to social projects in developing countries.

Unfortunately, new or reconditioned, when ICT equipment has reached its end-of-life, it can pose a serious environmental threat. Therefore, Close the Gap’s daughter organisation WorldLoop works with local communities to set up environmentally friendly recycling solutions.

Working on our
Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategic Partner of Close the Gap organization

Close the Gap collects, at no cost, used ICT equipment from donors and then refurbish them to support international learning & development projects, in order to give a chance to acquire computer skills to people who would normally not have this opportunity.

In the beginning Realdolmen was donating its retired equipment to Close the Gap, providing it with a 2nd life in support of worthy social causes.

To go further and do more, Realdolmen has entered into a strategic partnership with Close the Gap. As a strategic partner of Close the Gap Realdolmen is a vocal and active advocate for the organization. This not only means spreading awareness, and donating its retired equipment, it also means providing training & support to international Close the Gap partner organizations.

Further sustainable and ethical initiatives

Having and acting with an environmental and ethical conscious is not a luxury, but a necessity. Realdolmen is no exception and contributes to this issue, both in how it acts and with the products and services it offers.

Sorting of rubbish: in all branches of Realdolmen, waste is separated and collected. Among other things, rubbish islands are used. These rubbish islands allow the employees to do the sorting easily and effectively.

Selective sorting of industrial waste and recycling: Inside Realdolmen, waste is being sorted at the maximum.

The following recipients are collected separately:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • PMD
  • Glass bottles
  • Oil (kitchen Huizingen)
  • Batteries
  • Lights
  • Empty toners
  • Defect/old displays
  • Other defect / old IT material
  • Residual waste

All this material is collected and processed by approved processing plants:

  • Vangansewinckel
  • Bebat
  • Recupel
  • Xerox

As mentioned earlier, IT equipment eligible for donation to the Close the Gap initiative is sorted out and delivered to the organization.

Mobility policy: Realdolmen puts cars at the disposal of employees but Realdolmen selects the cars based on a number of environmental standards such as CO2. The way the internal Car Policy is established, ensures that the most energy efficient and environmental friendly cars are the most interesting cars, so the end result is that Realdolmen is very conscious with his "carbon footprint".

As part of this Mobility Policy Realdolmen also includes support and rewards for employees choosing alternative modes of transport, such as bicycling to work or using public transport.

Eco-driving courses: all employees with a company car have been offered to participate in an eco-driving course aimed at reducing their fuel consumption, CO2 exhaust as well as making them safer drivers.

Relocations and homework of employees: additional to the car policy, the company has chosen to anyone, regardless whether they have the right to dispose over a car, to allow the public transport to commute between home and work. This does not only increase the satisfaction of the employees who save a lot of time on certain routes, but it’s a positive contribution to the environment. Realdolmen provides as well the necessary tools to allow employees to work at home.

"Think Green Keep it on your Screen": Realdolmen performs actively a campaign to reduce paper use. For this purpose Realdolmen joined a group of companies that incite dealing consciously with electronic information and to keep it electronic. This is possible by using an easy communication message, which is meant for internal staff as well as for customers, suppliers and partners.

Heating: Our heating appliances work with gas and each office has its particular settings. In this way, we can reduce the "loss" of energy at the maximum. We have a maintenance agreement for our central heating. This agreement includes an annual flue gas measurement. Our installations work with external sensors that prevent them from working when it is not necessary. Our central heating is completely switched off during summer.

Equal opportunity employment: The traditional elements of equal opportunity employment aside, Realdolmen actively encourages people over 45 to apply for jobs.

Your Return

Donate your company’s computers and be part of our amazing network of supporters worldwide. Donating computers is an impactful and easy way for your company to contribute to a better education and health in the developing world. Every contributor is mentioned in Close the Gap’s annual report, on the website and in the newsletters that are sent to thousands of believers worldwide.

Making our Corporate Social Responsibility work for our customers

Realdolmen not only makes ICT work for its customers, it has also attempted to make its CSR efforts pay off for its customers. There are plenty of companies out there who demand a certain level of sustainability from their suppliers, in order to achieve their own CSR goals. Those companies can depend on Realdolmen as such a supplier who consciously tries to improve its sustainability and ethical behavior, as participant in the IT supply chain, as employer and as part of society.

Our Products and services

Realdolmen offers a wide range of services and products that support the concept of Sustainable IT. For example, "Paperless Office" is in the top 5 of search terms by which visitors find the Realdolmen website. Therefore, Realdolmen helps companies to consciously choose and implement IT infrastructure and solutions that not only contribute to sustainable growth and efficiency of these companies, but also to reduce their carbon footprint. Datacenter and cloud solutions: the exponential increasing need for storage capacity makes demands on data center equipment, the applications, power and cooling equipment that cannot be supported unlimited. Realdolmen not only helps customers reducing complexity, but with that also the reduction of the consumption (and waste) of energy. Office environment: by using tools that work together, promote efficiency and remote work, applications can be produced which companies will help to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Join our efforts in supporting Close the Gap

Our partnership with Close the Gap has been embedded into different processes to allow customers to participate and take advantage of our partnership to increase their own level of sustainably & ethical operations. In its most basis form, they can simply actively participate in the donation program, effectively becoming a friend of the Close the Gap organization themselves, or they can also choose to have us take care of all the logistics of donating the hardware.

As Close the Gap has a sister organization, WorldLoop, which takes care of the e-waste through local partners, when the donated hardware in its turn finally reaches the end of its lifecycle, customers can rest assure that they have also reduced their environmental impact by joining into this program, either directly or through us.

We hope you will join us in this endeavor, which we think makes sense on all levels; being sustainable, ethical and environmentally sound!

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